Best Mini PC UK 2023 – Which is best mini PC for streaming UK

Best Mini PC 2023 UK – Which mini should you buy for streaming?

Are you in the market for best mini PC in UK 2023? Many people prefer buying a mini PC over a full fledge laptop. Many believe it is due to the fact that it is easier to upgrade while some believe that mini PC with configuration of a laptop is much cheaper than something that you would get in a laptop.

best mini pc uk 2023

Mini PC offer better value for money

For instance, if you decide to spend 500 pounds on a mini PC, you can easily bag yourself a mini PC with core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and even a 256GB solid state drive. However, if you just need a mini PC for surfing the Internet and some lite email or office work, you can get a decent mini PC for well under 200 pounds.

However, if you spend the same amount on a laptop, you would be lucky to get a laptop with Intel Core i3 processor and a 1 terabyte hard disk.

In case of mini PC, you can even bag yourself a graphics card. You cannot say the same about a laptop. In case of laptop, you will have to settle with an integrated graphics card.

Budget mini PC are great for gaming as well. For instance, if you get a cheap mini PC with Nvidia GTX 3050 or even a 2050Ti graphics card, you will have no trouble in playing the latest games. You will be able to get more than 120 FPS in case of Fortnite and Pubg.

Mini PC offer better gaming experience

So, if you are into gaming and do not want to spend a lot of money, getting a mini makes more sense.

This applies for those as well who are into programming. For programming, it is suggested you get a computer with multi threaded architecture. If you want to get a laptop for programming, you will be spending more than 700 pounds. However, in case of mini PC, it is easy to get a quad core processor and eight threaded architecture for well under 500 pounds.

Also, a mini PC is better if you are into just plain jane computing like web surfing and office work. This is because the budget processors meant for desktops are not only cheaper but also yield more performance.

A budget laptop can cost under 200 pounds but it would come with less than stellar specifications. You would have to settle a lot in terms of horsepower. For about 200-300 pounds, a mini PC would get you about an entry level Core i3 processor, decent storage and even good amount of memory.

Best Mini PC UK 2023

NiPoGi AM02 Windows 11 Pro Mini PC

NiPoGi is a powerful mini PC for desktop and home. It is powered by AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor with Radeon Vega 10 graphics and 16GB RAM for best mini PC experience. It has 512GB SSD storage which is also expandable since it has empty NVMe SSD slot. RAM is also upgradable but for most, including professionals, the stock configuration would suffice.

NiPoGi Windows 11 Pro Mini PC

NiPoGi AM02 has two display output ports, letting you connect two displays at a time.

NiPoGi Newest Windows 11 Pro PC: Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU (2.3-4 GHz, 4 MB cache) and Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics, pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro system


ACEMAGICIAN T8Plus is a great little mini PC. It offers three HDMI output ports so you are able to connect three displays at same time. Studies have shown you can nearly double your productivity by using two displays at a time. Despite being so small in size, ACEMAGICIAN T8Plus features plethora of ports.


ACEMAGICIAN T8Plus comes with latest 12th generation Intel quad core processor, 512GB SSD for instant app launches and 16GB RAM for smooth multitasking experience.

12th Gen Intel Alder Lake N95 (up to 3.40Ghz), 16GB DDR5 512GB M.2 SSD Mini Desktop PC with Dual Ethernet/4K HDMI*3, 2,4/5 G WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2

NiPoGi GK3 Mini PC

NiPoGi GK3 is the cheapest mini PC in UK that handles more than enough power for your daily computing needs. Powering NiPoGi GK3 is Intel Celeron processor processor. There is 8GB RAM and 128GB flash storage. You can expand storage using its 2.5″ slot that can accommodate another SSD or hard disk drive.

NiPoGi GK3

NiPoGi GK3 also has dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 so you can connect wireless mouse and keyboard with ease. Despite its small size, it manages to pack 4X full size USB ports. It supports 4K resolution and runs Windows 11 Professional 64-bit operating system.

Windows 11 Pro, 8GB DDR4/128GB M.2 SATA SSD, Ιntel Celeron J4125 Processor(up to 2.7GHz) Micro Desktop Computer, Support 2 HDMI/VGA Port, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, 4K UHD

So those are the best mini PC in UK right now. If you are looking for a mini PC that comes with external display, then why not consider getting an all in one computer that pack all computer components inside the monitor itself?