Best laptop brand of UK in 2023 – Which company makes the best laptops in UK? Top laptop company in UK

Most popular and best laptop brand of UK 2023

When it comes to finding the best laptop brand of UK in 2023, there are several parameters to look into. Laptop experts at laptop UK sat down and exchanged their opinions about this topic. They took several things into account.

Which is the best laptop brand of UK? Let us look into the factors that make a brand ‘best’.

Best laptop brand of UK in 2023

Customer service – Is the service center present in all cities of UK? Let us say, you do not live in London and the only service center a particular laptop brand has in London, then are you ready to drive from your city to London to get it repaired? If not, does the manufacture lets users mail in their laptops for repair?

After sales support – how easy is it to download the drivers from the manufacture’s website. Does the laptop manufacture churns out new drivers once newer operating system is released? Does the website offer live chat support? All of these things matter a lot when something in your laptop is not working as expected.

Track record of producing quality laptops – Some laptop brands have a habit of trotting out way too many cheap laptops and due to this, quality starts suffering. Due to this, people complain about their laptop machines breaking down after few months. You would not want this to happen so buying a quality machine from the best laptop brand that lasts at least 4-5 hours without breaking down is what you should look for.

Brand recognition – Some people like buying laptops based on their previous experiences with a company and some buy laptops based on the most popular brand at the time they buying one. Some laptop brands have come a long way in terms of after sales service and customer satisfaction, so they do deserve a second chance.

Choosing best laptop brand 2023

It is interesting to note that reliability rating of a brand guides you better when making a purchase of laptop. Normally when people buy a laptop, they want it to work for at least 3-4 years flawlessly. If you get a laptop from brand that churns out problematic laptops, then you will soon be facing laptop problems like battery life shortening, screen related problems like flickering, freezing and battery death.

So surveyed our team of 10 laptop experts who have reviewed hundreds of laptops from all popular brands being sold in UK and here were the results.

#1: Lenovo

Lenovo is #1 in world for a reason. It makes amazing laptops and ultrabooks at affordable prices while still offering excellent customer service. Their laptops and ultrabooks start at 300 pounds in UK and go up to 1200 pounds.

lenovo laptop

#2 Asus

Asus is number 2 laptop brand in UK and they make some of the best 200 pound laptops. They also offer great customer service and build quality. They are very famous for their high end gaming laptops around 1000 pounds in UK which look different and unique from rest of the herd.

asus laptop

#3 Acer

Laptops from Acer are not the best looking but they offer best value for money if looks is not your top priority. They make the cheapest laptops and you will find many Acer models in 300 pounds range. By spending mere 500 pound on an ultrabook or laptop, you can get excellent deal like i7 processor, 8GB RAM and Nvidia 950M GPU. That is why there are a lot of Acer laptops in gaming laptops under 500 pounds range. Such a laptop would otherwise cost you near 800-1000 pounds but Acer retails such laptop at a much cheaper price tag.

acer laptop

#4 Dell

Dell is big in USA but due to lack of service centers in UK, they are not as big as Lenovo. That said, we love their laptops and they make the best 17 inch ultrabooks of UK.

#5 Apple

A lot of people prefer buying Apple branded laptops because they love the Mac OS ecosystem over windows. Also it is the only company that makes Mac laptops so the consumers really do not have much choice. On the brighter side, Apple Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro are some of the most well built laptops and easily last for 5-6 years. Apple laptops are premium laptops with high build quality but if you are looking for an affordable budget laptop, you should definitely look at other brands.